Library Board of Trustees

Livonia Public Library is overseen by a volunteer board of nine appointed members. Library Board of Trustees serve a five year term.

Current Board members are:

  • Christine Cruso, President – Term through 2023
  • Liz Smith-Rossiter, Vice President – Term through 2026
  • Patricia Genthner, Secretary – Term through 2026
  • Denise Cendoma, Trustee – Term through 2023
  • Brian Donnelly, Treasurer – Term through 2023
  • Mary(Mae) Sharman, Trustee – Term through 2027
  • Rick Williams, Trustee – Term through 2024
  • Tammy Woodruff, Trustee – Term through 2023
  • Cori Quinn – Term through 2026

The Library Board of Trustees is also responsible for establishing library policy.

There is a liaison between the Library Board of Trustees and the Livonia Town Board. In addition to attending the town board meetings, this person also attends the library board meetings. The current Livonia Town Board liaison is Peter Dougherty.

The Library Board of Trustees meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm. The Library Board of Trustees does not meet in June and July.

Library Board of Trustees By-Laws

Current Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

2022 Livonia Public Library Operating Budget