Board of Trustees By-Laws

Board of Trustees By-Laws

ARTICLE I  Organization
1. The number of Board of Trustees shall consist of not less than five and no more than eleven members, who shall be appointed by the Livonia Town Board for a term of five years. In case of a vacancy, the Board of Trustees is empowered to appoint a Trustee to fill the unexpired term.
2. In order to serve on the Board of Trustees, whether appointed by the Livonia Town Board for a full term, or by the Library Board of Trustees to fill an unexpired term, the applicant must be:
A.  A resident of the Town of Livonia
B.  A United States citizen
C.  18 years of age or over
ARTICLE II  Officers
1. The officers of the Board shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
2. The President shall preside at all meetings and shall have the usual powers of a president officer.
3. The Vice-President shall act as President in the absence of the President and in the absences of any other officer be responsible for information pertinent to that office. The officers for the following year shall be elected by the entire membership at the annual meeting.
4. In the event both the President and Vice-President are absent from any meeting, the Trustees present shall elect a temporary President for that meeting.
5. The Secretary shall notify all members of the Board of special meetings, giving five days advance notice. Before adjournment of each meeting the Secretary shall announce the date of the next regular meeting.
1. The regular meeting of the Board shall be held in the Library building on a day and at a time designated by the Board at the annual meeting.
2. The annual meeting shall be held following the regular monthly meeting in January.
3. Special meetings may be held on the call of the President or any two Trustees.
4. Three Trustees shall constitute a quorum and a majority vote shall be necessary for the transaction of business.
5. Any Board member unable to attend any meeting of the Board shall notify the Secretary in order to assure a quorum at each meeting.
6. Proceedings shall be conducted in the manner usual in deliberative bodies as follows:
A.  Minutes of previous meetings
B.  Treasurer’s report
C.  Library Director’s report
D.  Reports of committees
E.  Old business
F.  New business
G.  AdjournmentThis order of business may be changed or suspended during any meeting of the Board by unanimous consent of the Trustees present.
7. Any Trustee wishing to resign shall present a written resignation to the Secretary.
8. If any member is absent from three meetings during one year, without reasonable cause, the position of Trustee shall be considered vacated.
ARTICLE IV  Committees
1. All reports of Committees, if requested shall be presented in writing.
2. No action of any Committee shall be binding until approved by the Board, unless full authority has previously been given by the Board.
3. No Committee shall authorize any expenditure without authority of the Board.
4. An exception to paragraph 3 above is that members of the Building and Grounds Committee may make, or authorize the making of, reasonable and ordinary expenditures directly concerned with maintenance and repair of the building and/or grounds – maximum amount to be $100.00.
ARTICLE V  Library Director
1. The Library Director shall have charge of the administration of the Library under the direction of the Board; shall be held responsible for reporting to the Board on the condition of buildings and equipment, for the direction of staff, for the efficiency of the Library’s service to the public, and for the operation of the Library under the financial conditions set forth in the annual budget.  The Library Director shall attend all regular meeting of the Board, but shall not be entitled to vote.
1. The By-Laws may be repealed. amended or added to at regular meetings of the Board by a majority vote of the Trustees present, but only after the substance of the proposed change has been submitted in writing at a regular or special meeting at least thirty days in advance and notice thereof has been given in the notice of the meeting at which it is to be considered.
Approved:  25 July 1960
Effective:    1 September 1960
Revised:     11 June 2002Updated:  September 10, 2007



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