• Any OWWL System resident or out-of-system resident, may borrow materials from this library.  Upon registration, borrower must present proof of a valid identification and have a valid address.  Out-of-system patrons will receive an “out-of-system” library card at no cost.
  • Minors ages 5-17 may register for a library card with parental or guardian approval.  Parent or guardian is required to provide valid government issued identification.  It is understood that the parent or guardian is responsible for all materials borrowed by the minor.  Upon registration, parent or guardian is required to “allow” or “not allow” DVD and/or computer access with the minor’s library card.  A note will be added to the patron’s record stating their request.
  • When a minor library patron turns 18, they are then required to provide their own identification.
  • All library borrowers are issued a card with a barcode for use with our automated library circulation system.   Although patrons are not required to bring their card with them each time to borrow materials, it is highly recommended.  Staff has the right to deny any patron the use of library materials/services for lack of library card and/or government issued identification.
  • There is a $1.00 fee for replacement of lost card.


  • Library materials (except DVDs and magazines) circulate on a three-week loan period.  Due dates are 3 weeks from the date borrowed.
  • Initial loan period may be extended upon request of patron for a longer period.  The library materials covered under the three-week loan period include books, paperback books, audiocassettes, music CD’sDVD’s and magazines are loaned on a 7 day basis.



  • Patrons may borrow as many items as they want to be responsible for (except videos/DVDs which have a limit of 3 per a card).
  • Borrowing and other library services will be suspended if any of the following occur:
  1. Accrual of fines totaling $5.00 or more
  2. More than five different items overdue at the same time
  3. Violation of  library policy


  • Renewal of materials may be done in person at the library, by telephone or online through the OWWL catalog using your library card and pin numbers.
  • Depending on the item, materials may only be renewed 1-3 times.
  • Reserved materials may not be renewed.
  • Patrons may reserve (“place a hold”) materials using the OWWL catalog or by contacting library staff.
  • There is a $1.00 per item fee if item is not picked up at the library within 7 days after notification of availability.



  • Overdue fines are $.10 per day per item for all materials (except DVDs)
  • Overdue fines for DVDs are $1.00 per day per an item.


  • Overdue notices are mailed out after library materials are 2 weeks overdue.  A second notice is mailed 4 weeks.  A third notice mailed out after 9 weeks serves as the billing notice listing price of materials.  Included in the letter is notification of suspension of borrowing privileges if items are not returned or paid for within 30 days of letter.  If lost items are paid for, but subsequently returned, patrons may keep the items.  Money will not be refunded.



  • Patrons 18 and over may borrow videos
  • Patrons ages 5-17 must have written parental permission to borrow videos.
  • The Livonia Public Library circulates videotapes to minors without content restriction beyond those which may be placed by the parents.  An exception is made for any film in the library collection which has received and labeled the equivalent of an “R” or other such restricted rating shall not be circulated to minors ages 16 and under unless a parent is physically present to approve the use by the minor.”
  • Patrons may borrow up to 3 videos per a card (DVD, Blu-ray, VHS).

Approved by Board of Trustees:   October 8, 2002

Amended: March 2005; Amended March 9, 2009; Amended December 8, 2009; Amended September 11, 2012.



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