Disaster Plan

Livonia Public Library Disaster Plan 2012

Prevention/ Preparation


This plan will aid in the successful resolution and recovery in dealing with the aftermath of a disaster, whether it be fire, water/wind damage, vandalism, bomb threat, or bug infestation, with no loss of life if the occurrence takes place during library hours.  In addition, it is hoped that prior planning and quick implementation of this plan will limit damage to the collection, equipment, and the building.

The Director and disaster response person will regularly update the plan.  The library director, staff and disaster response person are responsible for responding to any disaster that occurs in the library.


  1. 911 is known by all staff as the emergency number to be used by any phone in building, or personal cell phone if necessary and available.
  2. Items on the disaster inspection list shall be reviewed and inspected as scheduled. Library director will train new staff and review with current staff on proper use of fire extinguishers and orient staff on proper emergency evacuation procedures.
  3. Staff shall notify library director of any potential building hazards or repairs or anything out of the ordinary either outside or inside building when needed.  Library director will notify building committee and/ or town supervisor.
  4. Post the locations of water, gas, electric turn off points near staff locations.
  5. Furnace room is to be kept clear of any clutter or storage of any flammable material.
  6. Furnace/boiler is to be inspected every two years by insurance company.
  7. All exits and traffic areas will be kept clear of clutter in case of emergency evacuation.  Map clearly defined evacuation routes and post in public areas.
  8. Assembled emergency supplies list shall be reviewed yearly and supplies restocked if used/or outdated.  A supply of garbage bags, plastic gloves, paper towels, and other cleaning supplies will be stocked for small cleanup jobs.  Larger cleanups will be done at the direction of library director/building committee.
  9. Trash and recyclable materials will be set out weekly for pickup as contracted by village.  Disposable of special recyclable materials and materials for village cleanup will be done by building committee.
  10.  Food will be kept in secure containers in the cupboard and refrigerator.
  11. Donated items will be inspected as quickly as possible to prevent contamination of building with mold, mildew, or insects.
  12. Interior of computer equipment should be inspected and cleaned every year.  Exterior maintenance will be done on a frequent basis.
  13. Maintain computer hardware inventory sheets for all computers.
  14. Review and update various checklists attached to disaster plan on a frequent regular basis.
  15. Backups of financial data and policies will be kept off site at director’s house.  Backups of computerized circulation data will be kept off site at appointed staff residence.
  16. Director will create a list of consultants and conservators who can deal with the damaged format. .  Obtaining expert advice right at the beginning of a recovery effort can prevent mistakes and save valuable time
  17. The director will maintain a list of emergency numbers and contact vendors for insurance, building repairs, and supplies.



In the event of an emergency/disaster, the first person to observe the event should immediately dial 911 if appropriate and contact the director/ disaster response person.  Also contact the Board of Trustees president and town supervisor.

All numbers are listed below in order of contact preference:

Library Director                                                   Frank Sykes                          367-1006 (905-4518)

President, Board of Trustees                             Mae Sharman                      346-2511 (729-2511)

Vice Pres. (if President unavailable)                Sally Collins                          346-6743

Town supervisor                                                  Eric Gott                                346-2157

Emergency numbers

Police, fire department, ambulance                                             911 – Livingston Dispatch.

Phone company                                                  Frontier of Rochester                          777 – 1611

Water & Sewer                                                     Village of Livonia D. P. W.                346-2010

Insurance company                                            John W. Chanler Agency                   346-3118

Electrician                                                             Don Denney                                         346-2246

Plumbing                                                               Bill Valone                                            905-5385

Electric /Utility Co.                                              National Grid                                        800-892-2345

Preservation consultants                                    Pioneer Library System                      800-441-5564



1.  If a fire is small enough to be easily and immediately contained, use one of the fire extinguishers in your immediate area.  If the fire cannot be easily contained, call 911 – Livingston dispatch.  Immediately evacuate the building.  When the fire alarm is sounded staff will calmly and quickly evacuate building, converging at predetermined location.


If fire, flooding or water damage has occurred:

Determine if professionals need to be called in for help, such as plumbers, electricians, conservators, etc. DO NOT ENTER AN AREA THAT IS FLOODED UNTIL MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE ELECTRICIANS HAVE DISCONNECTED THE ELECTRICITY. After advising the director/building committee and town supervisor of the situation and any danger to life has passed and building has been declared safe, staff will implement such cleanup measures as possible in order to salvage library materials unless there is a physical hazard to safety.

In winter turn the heat to 50 degrees.  Open windows and doors if the air is cool and dry, but not freezing.  If electricity is functional, use electric fans to expel humid air from the building or use the air conditioner if that can be activated.  Wear rubber gloves and remove any materials from puddles of water on floors.  DO NOT TURN UP THE HEAT.  This will prevent mold and mildew damage as much as possible.

If the power is out, arrange for electric generators to run lights, fans and dehumidifiers.

2.  If a Power outage, or blackout has occurred, emergency lighting will engage.  Find out if there is power to the rest of the building.  If there is, advise the director.  Follow their instructions to see if power can easily be restored.  If not, evacuate the building and call the utility company, National Grid.


3.  If vandalism has occurred, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING until directed to do by authorities. CALL 911.   After advising the library director or town supervisor, visually scan area and document what you can see.


4.  If there is a bomb threat, IMMEDIATELY EVACUATE THE BUILDING, THEN CALL 911.  While employee is on the phone with the caller, the Bomb Threat Report Form should be filled out if possible.   Notify the library director.

Approved by Livonia Public Library Board of Trustees:  Sept. 10, 2002; Revised March 9, 2009; Amended:  September 11, 2012


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