Request for Patron Information

Request for Patron Information

The Livonia Public Library staff does not disclose library records with personal identifying details to anyone other than the customer identified in the records, and other library staff as necessary to perform library tasks.  It is NYS law.  This statement of confidentiality has been adopted by the Livonia Public Library Board of Trustees.  Refer any request to Library Director.

Procedures for when law enforcement officer visit:

Staff should immediately notify the highest ranking authorized person in the building.  If the Director is not in the building, the following staff members are responsible for working with the government investigator in accordance with stated procedures and only if the higher ranking staff person is not available:  Director, senior library clerks, supervising library clerks.

  1. Ask to      see identification of the agent(s) and write down the name and badge      number.    In the event that those claiming to be      FBI or other agents refuse to show identification, contact the local      police (911) immediately and ask for officers to come to the library to      work with the agents.
  1. In      order to search library premises for information about patrons or library      staff members, law enforcement officials should present search warrants,      court orders, or national security letters authorizing this activity.  Staff members in charge should always      ask for such documents BEFORE      searches begin.  If there are no      papers presented and no emergency situation exits DO NO DISCLOSE any information until such documents are      available.  If they present a      subpoena, direct either the person or the paper to your supervisor, who in      turn will direct it immediately to legal counsel (Town of Livonia attorney) for examination. If      they present a warrant, do not interfere with their search or seizure, and      call your supervisor or some other office as soon as possible.  Highest ranking staff member should ask      if they can wait for arrival of legal counsel and conduct a dialog with them      to find out what they really need and be helpful in obtaining the      information without taking more than they need.  Also notify executive director of      Pioneer Library System as they are responsible for server.
  1. Investigation      officers may declare a search as an emergency situation with immediate      danger if their efforts are delayed.       These circumstances may prevent immediate production of appropriate      valid search warrants or other documents for examination.  Staff members should ask that the      documents be provided within 24 hours and carefully note the names of      agents and the reasons given by them for conducting the search before      presenting court documents.
  1. A      report must be filed whenever official investigations are undertaken on      library premises.
  1. The      following types of situations might be involved in an investigation.

A.    Request to see list of Internet Users.

B     Request to see patron registrations.

C.    Request to see list of items checked out by borrower.   Only overdue and current items

are available via the ILS, Evergreen.  Purged borrower records Only from PLS.

D.    Confiscation of Internet stations and/or computers.  Call 911 and notify local police if agents fail to provide proper identification.  Be sure to record any and all inventory numbers for the units removed.

  1. Asking of general questions by agents about any suspicious persons or activities in the library.  Answer truthfully.  Avoid giving names or specific information unless asked and court order is presented or emergency situation is insisted upon by agent.
  1. Specific question about seeing a person or persons depicted in photograph or sketch using the library regarding dates, times, places, etc.  Make sure that all staff that may have been on duty in the places and times has a chance to see the photos.
  1. If agents require staff to not repeat or divulge information about their investigations, inform agents that library officials, attorney, and board members must be kept appraised of all investigatory actions undertaken in the library.  While on duty, staff members are employed as public servants as are police and FBI agents.  The Library, as an organization, is responsible for the actions of staff members in the discharge of their duties and as a corporate body should be charged with the maintaining of any confidences relative to investigations undertaken on library premises.

H.    If you believe that you have some information about activities in the library which might be of importance to the authorities, notify the director or the highest ranking staff member who will decide whether to approach outside investigatory agencies.  Library legal counsel may need to be contacted before initiating action.  However, if it is believed that injury to patrons or staff might be imminent, contact 911 immediately.

Adopted by Board of Trustees: Nov. 10, 2003

Amended:  September 11, 2012


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