Mobile Hotspot Lending Program

Guidelines for Borrowing & Use:

  • Hotspots may only be checked out and returned at the Information Desk. DO NOT RETURN THE HOTSPOT IN THE BOOK DROP or to another library.
  • Borrowers must be at least 18 years of age, have had a valid Library Card for at least 30 days and be in good standing with the Library (with a current address/phone on file and no outstanding fines over $5.00).
  • Borrowers must read and understand the Hotspot lending agreement (copy included with each mobile hotspot).
  • There is a 7 day checkout period for Hotspots.
  • They may not be renewed and must be available to others for at least 48 hours before the same address holder can check them out again.
  • Borrowers, along with a library staff member, will verify that all accessories are present at the time of checkout and check-in (case, device, power adapter, SIM card, instructions.)
  • One borrower per address per check out.
  • The Hotspot must be returned with a minimal battery charge for the check-in inspection.

Fines & Liability:

  • When the Hotspot is 7 days past due it will be deactivated, rendering the device unusable until it is returned.
  • An overdue fine of $1.00 per day, up to $5. $80 will be charged for a hotspot that is not returned.
  • Patrons are responsible for full replacement cost of the device or any parts if lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise not returned. The complete replacement cost for the Hotspot is $80. Individual accessory replacement fines are as follows: Case -$20.00, USB Power Cord -$10.00, SIM Card -$25.00.