Long-Range Plan

Long Range Plan


The Livonia Public Library


                                                                                                                       Updated by:

Frank Sykes

Sally Collins

Mae Sharman

Maureen Reynolds

Patricia Genthner

Irene Turner

William Ohle

Karl Hanafin


 Approved:  8.13.2013



Libraries are often characterized by the numerous roles they play in the community they serve. There are thirteen generally accepted service roles libraries play. They are:

1. Basic Literacy

2. Business & Career Information

3. Commons

4. Community Referral

5. Consumer Information

6. Cultural Awareness

7. Current Topic & Titles

8. Formal Learning Support

9. Government Information

10. General Information

11. Information Literacy

12. Lifelong Learning

13. Local History & Genealogy


These roles are by no means mutually exclusive. Public libraries are called upon to act in most of these roles at various levels at any time. It can be useful to identify, as a part of the planning process, which roles are to be primary and which are to be secondary. This prioritizing can act as a guide to allocating the limited resources of a small public library.

The Livonia Public Library’s primary service roles in the community are:

• Current Topics & Titles

• General Information

• Lifelong Learning


In addition to these primary roles, we identified some attributes of the other general roles as being included in the Livonia Public Library Mission. These other roles and their attributes include:

Support of formal and independent education by:

Serving all ages

Providing supplemental literacy materials

Collaborate with local schools

Providing materials for a wide range of interests

Providing materials in a variety of formats

Provide free educational programs

Acting as a community destination and information epicenter by:

Partnering with community groups

Provide meeting space

Serving as a source for community information

Providing information and local referral services

Hosting various programs and events which appeal to all ages

Acting as a reference library by:

Maintaining reference and information services

Providing materials, in a variety of formats, through interlibrary loan

Enabling on-line database access

Preserving a local history collection

Maintaining a knowledgeable staff


This would seem to suggest that the generally accepted roles that libraries play needs expansion to include that role played by a dedicated staff trying to meet the diverse needs of a growing community with limited resources. This role is called Local Public Library.

Mission Statement

The Livonia Public Library provides a wide range of programs, services, and materials, with a distinct emphasis on current titles and technologies, to all ages in our community, in an effort to encourage literacy, enrich lives, and create lifelong learners.


This Mission Statement is supported by four principal goals each with specific objectives and suggested methods.

Goal 1. The library will provide a facility that will serve as a destination and community meeting place for various cultural and recreational activities for residents of all ages.

Objective A. Provide an exceptional facility for the collection, staff and patrons

Method a) Construct addition onto the existing library building

Method b) Continue to fund the capital-building campaign

Method c) Survey, research, and establish an increase to existing operating budget to meeting the needs of the larger facility

Method d) Apply for Pioneer Library System and other state and federal grants

Method e) Increase efforts to encourage donations to the library


Goal 2. Consistently provide materials and services to meet community needs

Objective A. Maintain that all areas of the library remain current and are meeting the needs of the community

Method a) Continue to assess the library’s collection for areas of need, whether it is physical space or material deficiencies

Method b) Consider the needs of the community. Formal and informal evaluation of community needs

Objective B. Direct the library funds and activities to address any unmet needs identified using methods listed above

Method a) Increase or decrease funding to specific areas or programs based on specific assessments

Method b) Formal distribution system to provide access to library materials to those who cannot visit the library

Objective C. Emphasis on current, up-to-date materials, services, and technologies

Method a) Participate in Pioneer Library System programs and take advantage of sponsored services

Method b) Maintain and expand the Library as an Electronic Doorway, provide free access to the Internet and services available in electronic mediums

Method c) Each year update computer related equipment, software, and databases to remain technologically current for both staff and patrons

Goal 3. Actively promote the growth of the library and increase services to all members of our community

Objective A. Continue to support the “Friends of the Livonia Public Library” organization.

Method a) Consistently provide co-sponsored programs for community residents.

Method b) Place an emphasis on continued “Friends of the Livonia Public Library” fund raising throughout the year

Objective B. Promote the library as an integral part of our community.

Method a) Continued to develop relationships with Livonia community stake holders

Method b) Advocate for library – ALL STAFF and TRUSTEES

Method c) Consistently send promotional material and press releases to area news outlets to increase visibility

Method d) Distribute an Annual Report to the Community

Method e) Maintain Livonia Public Library’s website, Facebook page, and continually search for new technological methods to publicize the library and its services


Goal 4. Young residents will be provided with access to services, programs, technology, and materials that serve their needs and create life-long learners.

Objective A. Emphasis on maintaining current early literacy materials

Method a) Constantly evaluate collection for outdated and unpopular materials

Method b) Increase early literacy budget to suit the needs of the community and the anticipated expansion of the facility

Method c) Pursue various early literacy related grants

Objective B. Maintain current early literacy computer systems

Method a) Continue to upgrade and maintain current AWE ELS systems

Method b) Pursue various early literacy technology related grants

Objective C. Continuously host and offer various programs and events aimed towards younger patrons.

Method a) Seek feedback from patrons regarding current programs and possible future events

Method b) Plan and provide events for younger patrons all year long

Method c) Maintain a popular, beneficial, and eventful Summer Reading Program

Method d) Maintain a well-attended and educational weekly story time for ages birth to 5 years old



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